Ministry to Educate and Equip (MTEE)

With the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1991, MTEE was begun with a keen desire to spread the gospel and train leaders in the former Soviet nations. The initial work was concentrated in Central Europe (Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria). Many Bible schools were formed and housed in churches where leaders were discipled, with more than 12,000 students participating.

Over time, opportunities arose in Ukraine, Moldova and Russia. In Ukraine alone, more than 1,800 students a year were trained in over 55 different Bible colleges. Leaders were able to receive Master’s level training; in addition, a Doctor of Ministry program was developed which has had three graduating classes, enabling teachers from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia the certification to train their own countrymen.

The vision of MTEE is to train nationals to transform nations. With recent economic and geopolitical wars, MTEE seeks to stabilize national leaders and teachers with financial support as they reach further with the gospel. Programs are in place in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain and Russia, and a new initiative has begun with a five-nation cooperative agreement to reach out to the Slavic diaspora in the U.S., Brazil and Canada. Training leaders within these Western countries will have a great impact on furthering cross- cultural evangelism, reaching foreign fields with trained leaders and further resources.