Lyle & Diana Thomas


Church Resource Ministries

Lyle has been married to Diana (nee Leinbach) since 1992. Not all of that time has been smooth, however. His struggle to work through that dark period in their relationship has had as profound an impact on his counseling practice and as a mentor of leaders as any of the formal training he has received. It was the greatest training ground for writing Becoming Mr. Ephesians, an intensive transformational study for husbands based on Ephesians 5:25-33. Lyle and Diana have three children, Lydia (1998), Kerith (2001), and Simon (2004).

In addition to a private practice in Christian counseling and life coaching, Lyle has taught outdoor education to young people in New England, English to Muslims in Soviet Central Asia, and math and geography to delinquents in Oregon. As his passion and vision are for citywide transformation, he founded and served as the director of Christian Ministries United, a coalition of over sixty nonpro ts dedicated to helping broker strategic relationships for large-scale change in Richmond from 1998 to 2007.

Lyle’s counseling training has come from several sources beyond his graduate education. He studied for over two years with the Christian Counseling and Training Center in Richmond in Biblical (nouthetic) Counseling. Additionally, he has received training in Transformation Prayer Ministry.

On staff with CRM, the Thomases have lived in St. Petersburg, Russia since 2007 with a goal of serving the transformation of that city through training and coaching leadership teams into pursuing kingdom-sized dreams.