Karen Carr

Barnabas International

Karen carr serves as a missionary with Barnabas International, a ministry that strengthens and encourages God’s global servants in ministry. Karen was trained as a clinical psychologist and lived and worked in Richmond for 17 years before going into full-time missions in 1998. She lived in West Africa for 15 years, giving leadership to Mobile Member Care Team, a crisis response team for African missionaries. Now, based in Richmond and serving under the leadership of Barnabas International, she travels to train, consult, and coach missionaries from many organizations and nationalities so that they can share the gospel of Christ with resilience and health.

Karen has published articles and chapters on trauma care for missionaries. She works alongside Darlene Jerome, also of Barnabas International, to develop training materials that have been translated into several languages, including Korean, Spanish and French. Karen has a passion to see under-resourced missionaries from newer sending countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America access the tools and support they need to serve with perseverance and joy.