Joseph & Marie Kishore

New Life Associates

New Life Associates is a non-denominational evangelistic and social ministry organization whose aim is to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ in India and strengthen Protestant churches. Its ministry is fourfold: gospel proclamation, teaching, healing, and training of pastors and evangelists.

They accomplish this by proclaiming the gospel of salvation to the unreached and teaching the word of God through three television programs once a week. They conduct conferences for pastors and evangelists, and they have planted three churches: Turner Community Church, New Life Community Church and the Trinity Community Church.

Ministry through Emory Mission Hospital and medical clinics is a real blessing to the poor and needy. Doctors are highly trained and offer the best treatment with warm Christian love and care. Dr. Marie Kishore is a gynecologist. The Kishores’ son, Dr. Suhas, recently finished his advanced orthopedics training in the U.S. Their plan is that he will handle all orthopedic cases.

A monthly 32-page magazine, The Shepherd, has been launched to nurture Christians of all Protestant churches and enhance pastoral leadership.

There is much opposition to the proclamation of the gospel. Churches are being burned and pastors killed. The new slogan is “Do whatever you want within your church but not outside.” Soon the curtains will descend for sharing the gospel through radio and television. The Kishores need your continued prayers as they stand for Jesus amid great risk!