Jonas Kinda

Project Javelin

Jonas and Alice Kinda served with the World Horizons team in Niamey, Niger for eight years, during which time they planted Bethel Church in the Dar Es Salaam neighborhood. After several years of planting and pastoring a church in Burkina Faso with the Assemblies of God, Jonas now leads Project Javelin, a World Horizons initiative to evangelize unreached areas of the nation.

Jonas has organized and led numerous weeklong outreaches, visiting seven different areas of Burkina Faso with a truck-based team. On each occasion there has been a very positive response, with hundreds of people coming to hear the gospel and many making a commitment to Christ. At least four new churches have been planted through this ministry, remote churches have grown with the addition of new believers, and many local pastors and believers have been encouraged. There have been healings and peace has come to families.

Outreach team members have experienced a growing spiritual maturity as they see the needs and challenges involved in sharing the gospel with the unreached. There are continued security challenges in Burkina, as well as personal health challenges for the Kinda family as Alice has a leg tumor which requires radiology treatment not available in Burkina.