John & Lynn Lehn

Greater Europe Mission

The Lehns have been serving in Croatia since 1992, coming alongside nationals to help them plant churches. They are currently helping in their third church plant in Croatia, in the city of Dubrovnik on the Adriatic coast. After its first twelve years, the church plant numbered only eight members. Since the Lehns’ arrival in 2012, the church has grown to 22 members.

The Lehns help the national pastor to grow the church in vision, spiritual depth and number. John helps with preaching, teaching, personal discipleship and counseling. He has led in planning special evangelistic events and participates in sharing the gospel throughout the country. Lynn leads the women’s ministry, teaching and counseling women and encouraging them to take a more active role in ministry.

Many of the believers are serving one another and reaching out to friends, neighbors and relatives. Many are growing in their love for God’s word and it is showing in the decisions they make and in the intentionality with which they live. Two years ago, the church began distributing gospel tracts to every home in the region. Since that time, two homes on the unevangelized peninsula of Pelješac, about a 11⁄2-hour drive from Dubrovnik, have opened up for Bible study. Please pray for the continued growth of the church in Dubrovnik and for more churches to be planted throughout the region.

The Lehns have three grown children who grew up on the mission eld. They are all now back in the States with careers of their own.