Jeremiah Marsden

Resourcing Christian Education International

Jeremiah Marsden was baptized into the family of Third Church in 1992. His family (parents Donald and Laurie Marsden) moved to Moscow, Russia, where they lived from 1997 to 2008. When he returned to the U.S. for his high school education, Jeremiah’s experience created a passion for supporting students who are learning to integrate their global childhood into unfamiliar home countries that claim them as citizens by birth.

In August 2017, Jeremiah began using his knowledge of cross-cultural childhood and Russian language to serve families that work in social services, farming, manufacturing, education, and other fields to advance God’s kingdom in Central Asia. He has been doing this as a guidance counselor and teacher at an International school in Kazakhstan.

Jeremiah is still in a period of exploring and confirming his vision of service. In addition to growing into his responsibilities at school, he is learning how God is at work in Central Asia. Please pray for a balance of responsibilities and opportunities and the guiding of the Spirit as he continues to discover the work he is called to do.