International Training Alliance

International Training Alliance exists to train and multiply leaders on mission globally. A partnership of nine mission organizations, it provides a ministry to frontline missionaries and national workers that no other organization is doing. ITA gives transferable tools and practical skills to leaders, with minimal cost to them, which increase their level of effectiveness to lead and train others.

The Leadership Matters Course (LMC), ITA’s agship training offered in 34 nations, is more than just another course on leadership; it is an experience that changes life perspectives, creating a fresh approach to leadership. ITA completed its ninety-fourth Leadership Matters Course in January 2018.

Martin de Lange, an OM missionary from South Africa, participated in ITA training 14 years ago. It changed his life and ministry, helping him to organize his team to start a new business as mission, launch literature distribution points, and plant four churches in Turkey. Martin is one of 3,000 missionaries and national leaders who have bene ted from ITA training.

Dennis Jackson, executive director of Global Partners, took ITA training in 2009 in the UK. Since that time, this training has impacted the entire mission organization, giving their leaders a common language to energize their efforts for more effective service. Like Global Partners, 190 mission agencies have sent leaders to ITA courses.

Our prayer is that the global church will be better equipped to advance God’s kingdom more effectively, so that all peoples have the opportunity to hear the gospel.

Thank you, Third Church, for partnering with ITA!