Andrew & Jill Fuller

World Horizons

Andrew was born in England and first got involved in missions in the 1980s. He has served with World Horizons since 1986. Coming to Richmond to establish a US office for the ministry he married his wife Jill, who is a Virginia native. They have two sons and a daughter. Their original involvement with Third Church happened because the church had sent short term workers with World Horizons.

Andrew is now the Richmond-based International Director for World Horizons, a mission community with origins in the United Kingdom and a staff of over 400. He and his leadership team oversee ministries in more than thirty nations, focused on establishing the church among some of the world’s most unreached people. These ministries include church planting, Christian education, missional businesses, refugee ministry, and missionary training. He also serves as a trustee of Al Massira, a resource that communicates the gospel to peoples of a Middle Eastern worldview. He has served in missions for over thirty years.

Jill is a mentor to several of World Horizons’ female staff and serves on World Horizons’ mentoring development team, as well as being involved in local ministry to the international community in Richmond.

Pray for wisdom for them as they serve a mission community drawn from nearly forty nations.