Alan Meenan


The Word Is Out

Dr. Alan Meenan is a former pastor of Third Church. Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, he received his PhD from the University of Edinburgh. Alan served Third from 1977 to 1984, during which time attendance quadrupled with concomitant increase in the budget. Interest in foreign missions and pledged support became a major emphasis of the church during those years.

After leaving Third, Alan pastored churches in Texas and California and in 1997 became senior pastor of Hollywood Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles. But his heart always lay in world missions and in 2005 he formed The Word Is Out to promote the art of sound biblical interpretation with a view to establishing Centers for Biblical Understanding throughout the world. TWIO is currently at work in more than twelve countries, providing instruction in university classes, seminars and conferences for pastors and church leaders.

As the church explodes in growth in the global south and missiologists predict the move of Christendom to Africa south of the Sahara, it is incumbent upon the Western church to take seriously the challenge that world Christianity faces. Nothing is more important than resourcing those who lead the church of the future, particularly throughout Africa, Asia and South America. Establishing Centers for Biblical Understanding is a necessary step to secure biblically grounded, witnessing congregations as the future hallmark of Christian faith.

Alan and Vicky, his wife of 44 years, have three daughters, Kele, Kate and Kimberly, scattered among California, France and Germany, with three granddaughters in France.