Adam & Mary

Adam and Mary’s ministry is focused on developing relationships with large unreached minority people groups in their East Asian city, which has a population less than 2% Christian. Their ministry includes reaching out to students on a local university campus (enrollment about 29,000); partnering with local churches for discipleship, mobilization, and theological training; and pastoring the only international church in the city to minister to the spiritual needs of the foreign community. In addition, Adam is working toward a PhD in Tibetan language study and research and Mary oversees the homeschooling of their children.

The international church is a rst for that city and they are hoping that the government will grant of cial recognition to meet regularly and legally. The foreign residents in their city are varied and numerous. The greatest response to the campus ministry has been among the Han people. The aim is to use these Han students to reach out to the Muslim minority peoples, who are the primary focus for their ministering there.

Adam and Mary encourage college students or recent graduates to come for a year or two to share good news with the university students. There is also a need for teachers to serve the foreign families in their city. Infrastructure such as an international school would bring more Christian workers to the city and increase the presence of Christ in a very unreached area.