Al Massira


Al Massira is a thirteen-part video presentation of “A Journey with the Prophets to discover the Messiah”. The name Al Massira conveys the idea of a journey together with friends and the resource provides a valuable tool for a group of people of a Muslim background to learn together about the Christian message. Beginning with Adam, the presenter takes the participant on a journey through thousands of years of Biblical history, and locations in eleven nations. Each of the featured prophets introduces themes that point the way to the coming of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

Al Massira was developed in Arabic, but is now available in more than fifteen languages, including other Muslim-majority world languages such as Turkish, Farsi and Indonesian. Since the launch of the resource in 2010 over 7,500 people in nearly 50 nations have been trained to use Al Massira as a tool for evangelism and discipleship. An Indonesian movement of more than forty thousand believers from Muslim background are using it for discipleship. Churches of new believers have been started and there has been a wonderful response to the gospel in the lives of Middle Eastern refugees in many locations.

Haiti Outreach Ministries


The Purpose of Haiti Outreach Ministries is to share the gospel, grow communities and plant new churches, with the aim to see these communities become independent. To do this, three elementary schools and one secondary school have been founded to date. HOM has also set up four water treatment facilities and established a medical clinic. Additionally, they have offered scholarships for students elsewhere to attend secondary schools and colleges.

Unemployment is one of the greatest problems for Haiti. Eighty percent of the people where HOM ministers are unemployed. Education is one of the best ways to help local people gain employment. This understanding has resulted in continuing construction of schools and the medical clinic to meet this great need. In addition, church leaders are trained and mentored.

Third Church has assisted this work through construction teams and hosting Vacation Bible school sessions.

International Cooperating Ministries

Founded in 1986 by Dois I. Rosser, International Cooperating Ministries is a 501(c)3 evangelical nonprofit located in Hampton, Virginia. Its vision is to have a healthy, reproducing church within walking distance of everyone in the world. They do this by partnering with indigenous church leaders to equip local churches with two vital resources: a permanent church building and practical discipleship for oral learners. To date, they have built over 7,000 churches in 86 countries and have translated a complete Bible survey in 43 languages. This has resulted in more than 33,000 new church plants and more than a million people discipled to reach their community for Christ.

Third Church and its members have had global impact by sponsoring 156 church projects in 37 countries that provide a place of worship for over 31,000 believers, or an average of 204 at each church.

International Training Alliance

International Training Alliance exists to train and multiply leaders on mission globally. A partnership of nine mission organizations, it provides a ministry to frontline missionaries and national workers that no other organization is doing. ITA gives transferable tools and practical skills to leaders, with minimal cost to them, which increase their level of effectiveness to lead and train others.

The Leadership Matters Course (LMC), ITA’s agship training offered in 34 nations, is more than just another course on leadership; it is an experience that changes life perspectives, creating a fresh approach to leadership. ITA completed its ninety-fourth Leadership Matters Course in January 2018.

Martin de Lange, an OM missionary from South Africa, participated in ITA training 14 years ago. It changed his life and ministry, helping him to organize his team to start a new business as mission, launch literature distribution points, and plant four churches in Turkey. Martin is one of 3,000 missionaries and national leaders who have bene ted from ITA training.

Dennis Jackson, executive director of Global Partners, took ITA training in 2009 in the UK. Since that time, this training has impacted the entire mission organization, giving their leaders a common language to energize their efforts for more effective service. Like Global Partners, 190 mission agencies have sent leaders to ITA courses.

Our prayer is that the global church will be better equipped to advance God’s kingdom more effectively, so that all peoples have the opportunity to hear the gospel.

Thank you, Third Church, for partnering with ITA!

Ministry to Educate and Equip (MTEE)

With the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1991, MTEE was begun with a keen desire to spread the gospel and train leaders in the former Soviet nations. The initial work was concentrated in Central Europe (Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria). Many Bible schools were formed and housed in churches where leaders were discipled, with more than 12,000 students participating.

Over time, opportunities arose in Ukraine, Moldova and Russia. In Ukraine alone, more than 1,800 students a year were trained in over 55 different Bible colleges. Leaders were able to receive Master’s level training; in addition, a Doctor of Ministry program was developed which has had three graduating classes, enabling teachers from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia the certification to train their own countrymen.

The vision of MTEE is to train nationals to transform nations. With recent economic and geopolitical wars, MTEE seeks to stabilize national leaders and teachers with financial support as they reach further with the gospel. Programs are in place in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain and Russia, and a new initiative has begun with a five-nation cooperative agreement to reach out to the Slavic diaspora in the U.S., Brazil and Canada. Training leaders within these Western countries will have a great impact on furthering cross- cultural evangelism, reaching foreign fields with trained leaders and further resources.

The Outreach Foundation


The Outreach Foundation seeks to engage Presbyterians in Christ-centered evangelistic mission for the salvation of humankind. Through relationships with missionaries and projects with global partners, we help to create and sustain mission partnerships that build up the body of Christ for God’s mission in the U.S. and around the world, helping individuals and congregations to participate in the amazing things that God is doing in the world.


SAT-7 is a strategic evangelical ministry of five satellite TV channels that reach out with the gospel message to millions of people living in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. SAT-7 sends broadcasts to 25 countries in Arabic, Farsi and Turkish and is free of charge, free to air, easy to access, and safe for viewers to watch in remote areas and restricted countries. SAT-7 has gained respect and credibility over its 21 years of ministry, and its viewing audience has surpassed 21 million.

Security and protection are growing concerns as many recent attacks have targeted Christians in Egypt and other Arabic-speaking countries. The change of leadership in Turkey also may result in more restrictions on the freedom of media.

SAT-7 Academy, the most recently added channel, provides basic education to millions of displaced and refugee children from Syria and Iraq who currently have no access to schooling. Short-term goals of SAT-7 include 1) engaging more churches to embrace its ministry, 2) raising the bar of partnership in helping local churches in the MENA region add and equip new believers to their membership, and 3) seeking resources to continue producing needed programs for all of their channels.

Shelter of Love Orphanage

Shelter of Love was begun under the leadership of Sue Singleton in 2005, in response to the needs of children who were suffering from the effects of poverty and abuse. There are currently 62 resident children and 17 staff members, one a former resident of SOL. Many of the children are from homes that simply cannot provide for them. A grandmother once approached the staff and asked if they would accept a newborn. When told the baby was welcome, she said, “If you had said no, I was going to throw him in the river because I cannot feed him.”

At Shelter of Love, children are given clothing, food, shelter and education. Many of them have never attended school, and they are brought up to the proper grade level. Daily class offerings include English and scripture. They learn to play musical instruments and to use computers and sewing machines. A woodworking program provides the opportunity for boys to craft and sell wooden items. Students plant and raise some of their own food in a greenhouse on site. Several of the students have graduated from high school and gone on to jobs, trade school or college, in fields including business management, tourism, veterinary science and chemistry.

Together for Tanzania

The seed of TFT was planted in 1956 when God called Jeanette Brannan at age 13 to be a missionary in Africa. Decades later, a mission trip to Tanzania in 2008 changed her life and the lives of many children and adults in Tanzania. God opened doors never imagined to form a volunteer organization that would provide educational, medical and missional support to people throughout the country.

The Board of Directors provides strategic vision, planning, and teams with Tanzanian pastors, educators, physicians, and businessmen to identify the greatest needs and the best approach for assistance and relief. Currently, TFT sponsors the education of 80 students in preschool through masters programs. Many of these students are in private schools, providing them better opportunities to reach their academic potential and prepare for a career. Several students have received bachelors and masters degrees and are now productive community leaders as well as essential TFT leaders.

TFT has a history of strong support of education in the areas of nursing and higher medical training. They have begun a signi cant partnership with the recently founded Mount Mbeya Medical College, which will serve nursing and pharmacy students and, in time, medical students. The construction of Save Life English Medium School, which will target orphans and other disadvantaged children in southern Tanzania, will begin in 2018.

TFT has also funded several deep wells and is currently having a very deep well dug in the driest area of Tanzania. These wells service hundreds of people in each village and positively impact the economy of the area.

Adam & Mary

Adam and Mary’s ministry is focused on developing relationships with large unreached minority people groups in their East Asian city, which has a population less than 2% Christian. Their ministry includes reaching out to students on a local university campus (enrollment about 29,000); partnering with local churches for discipleship, mobilization, and theological training; and pastoring the only international church in the city to minister to the spiritual needs of the foreign community. In addition, Adam is working toward a PhD in Tibetan language study and research and Mary oversees the homeschooling of their children.

The international church is a rst for that city and they are hoping that the government will grant of cial recognition to meet regularly and legally. The foreign residents in their city are varied and numerous. The greatest response to the campus ministry has been among the Han people. The aim is to use these Han students to reach out to the Muslim minority peoples, who are the primary focus for their ministering there.

Adam and Mary encourage college students or recent graduates to come for a year or two to share good news with the university students. There is also a need for teachers to serve the foreign families in their city. Infrastructure such as an international school would bring more Christian workers to the city and increase the presence of Christ in a very unreached area.

Chris & Leah

Chris and Leah have spent the last 17 years in Asia. The first seven were invested in reaching and discipling college students. During that time, Chris received his MA in Linguistics from a local university, with a concentration in Comparative Language and Culture. After turning leadership over to local staff in 2007, they were led to one of the largest cities in the world to help pioneer the Thought and Culture Shapers (TCS) team, a part of Leader Impact, whose mission in cities is to develop kingdom representatives in every domain of society by helping influential professionals lead communities of transformation in their workplace. Chris helps train and coach professionals to lead these communities.

Chris also leads the TCS team, whose goal is to influence those who influence worldview, values and lifestyle. The team is specifically focused on those in visual arts, music, media and lm. Chris gets to use his voice and musicianship (on guitar, bass, upright bass, mandolin, and banjo) hands on in several musical projects as part of their mission. Currently the most prominent of these is a band called Eluvia. Leah has served a key role in helping mentor the women on the TCS team.

Chris and Leah have four young children, two boys and two girls, the youngest of which was recently adopted from their host country. Leah grew up in Richmond as a member of Third, and met Chris at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

David & Sara

David and Sara, with their 4 children – Joshua (14), Micah (12), Caleb (9), Eliana (7) – have lived in Central Asia for 18 years. Their primary goal has been to bring the gospel to an unreached Muslim people group. David and Sara are teaching Bible to new believers and developing leaders in the fledgling church. Their desire is to train local Christians to evangelize and disciple their own people across the region.

David facilitates discipleship courses in the local language using Theological Education by Extension (TEE) materials. He also equips believers to use these discipleship tools in areas where it is politically difficult for foreigners to gain access and there is a lack of teaching. Sara is a full-time homeschool teacher for their four children. In addition, she hopes to begin one- on-one discipleship courses with local women, also using the TEE course material.

Nathan & Amy


The Goal of World Horizons is to take the gospel to the least-reached peoples of the world. The plan of Nathan and Amy is to attend two years of language school in the Middle East to give them a working grasp of Arabic. Then they will move north to work as pharmacist and teacher at a medical outreach ministry for Muslims and non-Muslims. They anticipate eventually moving into church planting in a more remote part of the country.

Amy was raised in Kenya and attended school with students of many different cultures, religions, and beliefs, including those of Muslim and Hindu background. She feels that God has given her a real connection and heart for Muslims. Nathan had an interest in missions almost as soon as he gave his life to Christ in college. He explored missions on short-term trips after pharmacy school. After taking the class Perspectives of the World Christian Movement, their focus shifted towards the Arab world.

After visiting the Annoor Sanatorium, they fell in love with its vision. Folks who can’t afford specialty TB treatment live there for at least a month. They receive medical care and hear the gospel before returning to their homes in North Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. Many that come to faith stay longer and put together a plan for discipleship before going home. The sanatorium has recently gotten into primary care for the refugee camp on the nearby Syrian border, an incredible opportunity to show the love of Christ to people in desperate need.

Tim & Kim

Tim and kim’s focus is on church-planting ministry among unreached Turkic Muslims in Central Asia, where they have worked since 1994. God has opened doors for them and their teammates in Creative Access locations in Muslim communities through agricultural development. Tim manages horticultural activities in Central Asia that facilitate the church planting ministries of both foreign and believing staff. He seeks to integrate evangelism, discipleship, teaching and training as he works with up to 30 full- and part-time workers.

Kim is involved with Muslim ladies in the community through cooking, ladies’ teas, exercise and one-on-one time sharing the gospel. God has also given her discipleship relationships with several believing women.

Tim and Kim have three children, Andrew (1997), Abigail (2000) and Peter (2002). Due to the lack of educational resources in Central Asia, Tim and Kim recently moved to Thailand for one term, which will be the remainder of high school for Abigail and Peter. Tim travels regularly between Central Asia and Thailand.

Both Tim and Kim know what it is like to move around as Third Culture Kids. Tim grew up in Japan, where his parents served as church-planting missionaries, and Kim’s earliest years were in Nepal where her parents worked with Wycliffe until reassigned to the U.S. Tim and Kim met at Columbia International University, where they were both pursuing degrees in Bible in preparation for cross-cultural ministry.