Men's Retreat 2017

Restoring Hearts — Catalyzing Friendships —Initiating and Engaging in Good Works
Guest Speaker: Pat "Goodie" Goodman

Our annual retreat is a time of both fellowship and deep biblical teaching, taking place each winter. 

Do you wonder: Why do I keep responding that way? Where did that reaction come from? Why don’t I have at least one person in my life that I feel I can be completely honest with? How can I be a change agent within my spheres of influence? How can the skills, abilities and experiences of my life be leveraged to benefit others? If any of these questions has ever crossed your mind then you will find the retreat worth being a part of.  

As our lives progress things tend to get more complicated.  As family dynamics change, career paths develop, relationships come and go, and the worries of this life mount we can end up in places we never imagined. So staying tethered to a few life giving realities is paramount to living well. Understanding the role that our “Hearts” play in life, the power of “Friendships” in helping us grow, and the necessity of “Engaging” our lives in efforts that make life better never changes.  During this retreat we will unpack these areas while hearing personal stories and working to make practical applications. 

Join a band of brothers who exhort and enable each other to put Jesus Christ first at home, at work, and in the world.