Our Sunday Morning Discipleship classes are held every Sunday at 10:00 AM. Our Sunday morning classes are organized around terms so that anyone who wants to join a class, knows when they can join and how long they can be a part of it. So if you’ve never joined us for a class, there has never been a better time. Find a class where you can meet others, learn about important issues facing us today, and deepen your faith. If you have any questions about a class, or would like to teach in the future, contact Tom Barila.

A Study of Galatians
Led by David Carroll and David Skove
March 4 – May 27, Room 101

This letter from the apostle Paul helps our understanding of God, the meaning of grace, and how God's grace passes from God thorough us to the believers in Christ, and to the watching world. The goal of this class is to provide expository, inductive Bible teaching and discussion designed to help each other to be transformed by the renewing of our minds and is open to people of all ages and backgrounds.

The Architectural Design of a Growing and Faith-Based Family 
Hosted by Ginger James along with special guests
March 4 – April 29, Fellowship Hall

This interactive class will be addressing things that families have been asking about for years: How to balance family and work (and your faith) while raising children, how to grow a career and not lose your family, how to balance being a one income family without resenting the one who works and the one who doesn’t, single parenting concerns, stay at homes mom’s value, etc. Due to the unique format and purpose of the class, this is something couples across the generations could all benefit from, and collectively support each other in, as they break down the walls and start helping each other in faith and alongside one another. 

March 11: The Culture of Busyness
Special guest: Justin Early

March 18: The Outcome of Income
Special Guest: Third members and our audience
Topic: Sharing personal experiences as a Single or Dual Income family with tips for both to make their life less stressful, more productive as well as spiritually and family focused.  

March 25: Wearing, Working Through and Living With Anxiety
Special Guest: Brenda Murray, Licensed Professional Counselor, CEO and Founder of First Light Counseling.

April 8: Love is love, is love, is love, is love, or is it?
Facilitated by: Ginger James and Third familes
Topic: Understanding how love can be expressed and received more effectively by understanding your spouse and children’s primary love language.

April 15: Awakening the Emotional Mute
Special Guest: Susan Holt, Life and Family Coach, LLC
Topic: Helping parents to understand how to use vulnerability, accessibility and connecting with each other to strengthen families.
Special Location for Today: Choir Room (Room 211)

April 22: Parental Math: Y + ID = Overcomer's
Special Guest: Susan Holt, Life and Family Coach, LLC
Topic: Creating a Spiritual center and sense of belonging to help our children overcome the challenges of this day and age.

April 29: Thankful for Fleas
Special Guest; Ellen Stamps, International Christian Speaker, Nurse, and Traveling Companion to Corrie ten Boom
Topic: How to keep a strong foundation of faith when life turns out different than one planned or hoped. Lessons from my life and my time with Corrie ten Boom.



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Financial Stewardship and Generosity
Led by Keith and Connie Byers
March 4 (orientation) March 11 – May 27, Room 215

The money class that will change your life. No matter where you are with your money, this class will teach you to create a budget, pay off debt, spend & save wisely, and give generously! We all need a plan for our money and God wants us to have financial peace. This special 9-week class is being offered by Third at a reduced rate of $49 per individual or $89 per couple (to cover workbook and materials).

Acts: The Sequel
Led by Andrew Fuller, Grant Holbrook, and Jennifer Parham
March 4 – May 27, Room 213

We all love sequels and the New Testament book of Acts is an amazing and action packed sequel to the Gospel of Luke. Acts gives an accurate account of the birth, growth, and challenges of the Christian church. Acts is also the connecting link between Christ's life and the life of the church. An in-depth and expository study of God’s Word is at the center of every class. All are welcome.

Soul Repair: Rebuilding your Spiritual Life:
Led by Mary Damon
March 4 – May 27, 500 Forest Ave., Multipurpose Room

We are a diverse community seeking God’s healing and wholeness for the brokenness in our lives and families through safe, authentic Christian relationships. We would love for you to join us in this rich, deep encounter of the book Soul Repair: Rebuilding Your Spiritual Life. Do you fear that God is angry with you? Do you wonder if God is really FOR you? Deep down many of us believe that we are not good enough, and never will be good enough, to have a meaningful relationship with God. This is because we have been spiritually trained in ways that have left us with distorted and inadequate spiritualties and we are left with a toxic combination of fear and shame. If you find yourself living out a burdensome and unfulfilling spirituality, come and learn more about how to break out of the cycle.