Sunday Schedule for Children:

Nursery for 8:45 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. Sunday services. Sunday School is at 10:00 a.m.
Child care is available for all children aged Kindergarten and younger. 1st grade and above attend worship with their parents. Children ages 2 through 6th grade are taught by teams of volunteers who use the Tru curriculum by David C. Cook. This curriculum empowers the family to be the primary spiritual teacher and includes a weekly parent page emailed to families. The parent page previews the following Sunday’s lesson, has a memory verse and blessing for the family to use the week before the children will learn the lesson in Sunday school. 
Ministry essentials for this curriculum include the following:

~ Scripture as authority
~ God’s ENTIRE story - from Genesis to Revelation, lessons share the good news of redemption through Jesus
~ God is central

You can see all 7 ministry essentials at:

If you would like to receive the weekly parent email, contact Tracie Meadows at or Kathy White at with your child’s name and age or grade.

Classes & Teachers:
Infant (2 months - walking) - Room 104.
Director: Cheryl Richardson. Assistant: Selwa Boules

Toddler 1 (walking - 18 months by 9/30/15) - Room 109
Director: Hala Hishan. Assistant: Mogedda Barsoo

Toddler 2 (18 months - 24 months by 9/30/15) - Room 105
Teacher & Nursery Director: Dori Richardson. Assistant: Heidi Gohar

ittle Lambs (2 years old by 9/30/15) - Room 103.
Teachers: Kathy Ames, Eli Cox & Erin Garrett. Director: Jennifer Didlak

Little Lions (3 years old by 9/30/1) - Rooms 223 and 22
Teachers: Karen Carroll & Susanna Sauvain. Director: Hiam Hatoum

Little Eagles (4 yea old by 9/30/1) - Rooms 202 and 224
eachers:  Roseanne Adams & Robert Wilso

Kindergarten - Room 220.
Teachers: Julie Gibbs & Candace Piepgrass; Ann Blair & Harrison Higgin

1st Grade - Rooms 204 and 222.
Teachers: Cort Rosebro, Brenda Wiltshire,Carter & Ashley Mackey & Allie Byers

2nd Grade - Room 22.
Teachers: Amy Whitaker, Abe & Melissa Lincoln, Patrick & Cary Wallace

3rd Grade - Room 227.
Teachers:  John & Selene Marsh and TBD

4th Grade - Room 201.
Teacher: Ward Marstiller. Assistant: Julie Richardson

5th & 6th Grade (Club 56) - Basement.
Teachers: Beth Sprinkle, David Lynch & Mike Armstrong