What's happening for Students each Sunday?


600 Forest Ave. Student Ministry Area

Student Ministry will start meeting again on Sunday mornings starting January 8, 2017! 

7-8th Grade Girls—Room 122
Leaders: Patrice & Dan Foster, Margarete Jeffer, Lesley & Rob Lanphear

600 Forest Ave. Room 122

600 Forest Ave. Room 132

7-8th Grade Guys—Room 132
Leaders: Becky & Bill Edwards, Sarah & Parker Hale, Ashley & Bill Hall

600 Forest Ave. Room 121

9-12th Grades—Room 121
Leaders: Jera & Carl Cunningham, Caroline & Rick Hutton

For Students in 5th and 6th Grades 

For Students in 5th and 6th Grades 



For ALL students in 7th-12th grade
Fellowship Hall and basement at 600 Forest Avenue
7:00-8:30 PM

7:00-7:25—Game time
7:25-7:55—Message & worship
7:55-8:30—Small group breakout

Small Group Leaders
7th Girls: Charlotte Gage
7th Grade Guys: (tbd)
8th Girls: Brittany Cousins _
8th Guys: Parker Garrett
9th Girls:  Sarah Londrey
9th Guys: Peter Richardson, Peter Samuel
10th Girls: Leah Hochstetler & Lauren Luck
10th Guys: Gabe Hochstetler, Ian Woie
11th Girls: Chitra Swygard, Andrea Woie
11th Guys: Robert Cochrane
12th Girls: Jessica Cochrane & Laura King
12th Guys: Doug Brown & Charlie Ellison