Initial Website Training
7/3/2013, Alan Houser
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Adding content to the partners collection (PARTS 1 &2)


Tweaking footer logos and colors and CSS such


Staff Pages Code Review


Fixing Image Floats - Banner and Sitewide

Map Hot-Spot maker tutorial: /interactive-map

Adding Alt-Tags to Images in Squarespace

Squarespace's "IMAGE CAPTIONS" play a dual role of adding visible text under/over the image- which would be a typical caption, and the text is also used to provide ALT-TEXT to the image.

Creating square blog thumbnail images - logos or photos, etc 

Squarespace has the built-in Aviary photo editor, but it's currently not possible to make a SQUARE CANVAS, while keeping the "original non-square format" from distorting. So, the only good way to make the images square, would be to edit the images offline. 

Most Squarespace processes (like in "Summary Blocks") will auto-crop the images into selected ratios, but at the time of this posting, blog/page thumbnails will just use the original image ratio. 

In the world of Instagram, where everything is square, there are likely many apps/sites that can quickly process your files into square/1:1 ratio images. Here's a site from a quick search for "make square images" (And if your images are on your iPhone, you can use the "Whitagram" app to "crop your canvas")

Of course, you would be better-off "batching" all of your images before uploading them, which can be done on Photoshop, Fireworks, etc. —also see the following Smashing Magazine post on the topic:

Matching Image Ratio with a Screenshot

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