Previous Men's Retreats and On-line talks

 2013 Annual Men's Conference/Retreat (held on 2/23/13).   70 guys celebrated a great time being together and learning together.  Please listen in to each talk.  It is definitely a great investment of your time!

AM Talk 1 (42:07)

AM Talk 2  (12:33)

Panel Discussion  (38:34)

PM Talk 1 (part 1) (31:13)

PM Talk 2  (17:00)

Closing (12:21)

 Our theme:   "Most men, when they consider what keeps them awake at night, focus on three issues - how to survive at work; how to keep a marriage or relationship intact; and how to pass on values to kids and close friends. We long to simply survive this life, yet God's desire is for us to push back the darkness and become men of influence. God's desire is to teach us to channel his power and grace into our marriage, family, and even our workplace,leaving a legacy of spiritual fruit that lasts beyond our mortal life."   - Bruce Dreisbach, author, consultant, and conference speaker. Meet Bruce...

2012 Retreat:   Dr. Lee Corder: Encountering Jesus

Click here to listen.

2011 Retreat:  Our 2011 retreat featured Rev. Alan Meenan, Executive Director of The Word Is Out Ministries and former pastor of Third and Hollywood Presbyterian Church in California. "Your Work Matters to God" was the focus for men seeking to make vocation/work/ and calling fit with our Christian faith. Click here to listen...

2010 Retreats:  We had a summer retreat in July 2010 at Massanetta Springs Conference Center, Harrisonburg, VA with the theme "Life as God Intended it." Contact Penn P if you'd like the audio recordings.

Our February 2010 in-town retreat was held at Eternity Church  in Richmond.Click here to listen to the retreat! It is definitely worth your time.  OK, we are a little biased but the talks were convicting yet very hopeful.

2009 Retreat:  Our 2009 retreat attracted 111 men to hear John Hawkins speak on "Leadership as a Lifestyle." John is the President of Leadership Edge Inc. and serves as a Business Ethics Advisor for Duke University’s Kenan Institute for Ethics. 

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