Previous Makers Series Events

May 16, 2014, 7 pm @Redemption Hill's "The FourHundred." 

400 W. 32nd St., Richmond, 23225, just off Semmes Ave.

Our theme:  Home

We expect to encounter art in big, open, public spaces like museums and concert halls. But what about small, intimate, private spaces like houses and apartments? How do art and hospitality connect? Please join us!

Our guests:

  • Harrison Higgins, Jr., furniture maker
  • Rebecca Parker Payne, blogger and author of "The Kinfolk Table"
  • Sorella Musica, a classical and bluegrass trio of sisters

Our format: 

Each guest will give a 20 minute talk/presentation/performance, followed by a break for snacks, then another almost-hour of conversation and Q&A. It's free, casual, and family/youth/angst-ridden artist-friendly, so bring a friend or several.

 For more about the artists participating in our Makers evening contact Mark Sprinkle or 683-7383.  Let’s celebrate how God has blessed our body with creativity and craftsmanship.


March 28, 2014 @ TPC’s Fellowship Hall. Our theme:  Story

Our guests:

  • Stacy Hawkins Adams, writer
  • Nathan Clarke, film producer
  • Ron Klipp, arranger and composer

November 18, 2013

North Carolina poet Aaron Belz, Richmond artist/illustrator Duncan Robertson, and musician Bethany Taulbee.

November 8, 2013

Under the banner of the Third-based arts community  makeRVA, the November Makers is a collaboration with East End Fellowship, Redemption Hill Church, and the Blue Sky Fund, which is hosting the coffee-house-style evening.  It featured the photography of EEF member of Joy Bailey, readings by Maymont Foundation Executive Director Norman Burns from his forthcoming book on family history and family feuds, and the “roots chamber music” of saxophone player Kevin Gosa and fiddler Jake Armerding, performing together as The Fretful Porcupine.

As part of an expanding vision of artists serving Third and Third advocating redemptive art and artists, we’ve invited Gosa and Armerding to be with us for the first Makers Mini-residency, teaching and playing in multiple communities and institutions around the city.  The centerpieces of their stay in RVA will be the Makers Series evening itself, but also a song-writing workshop and concert at Redemption Hill’s on Saturday the 9th.  They’ll also play a show in Ashland on Tuesday the 5th, participate in Richmond Christian Study Center’s evening with Andy Crouch on Wednesday the 6th, and teach at Veritas School on Friday the 8th.  Finally, they’ll join us at Forest Avenue on the 10th for worship at the 9:00 and 11:15 Contemporary Services, and in the Metaphors Sunday School class at 10:15.

November 16, 2012

Poet Suzanne Rhodes (, jazz/bossa nova vocalist Laura Ann Singh (, and UR painting professor Erling Sjovold (