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"Experience Israel" Tour 2014

On March 2 - March 12, 2014, an “Experience Israel” Tour travelled to Israel.   We had a fantastic time!   26 people were able to make this life-changing adventure.   Some of the stories and pictures are posted on the "Hope for Israel" Facebook page.   Paul, the Hope for Israel executive director co-hosted the tour along with Tom.   Please scroll down and pick up the timeline beginning on March 2. Our last post is March 12.    Click here to see the pics and listen to the stories.

Our group picture:

Front Row, right to left (Hebrew style):  Guy L (guide), Kathie C, Karin J, David J, Tibby L, Betty S, George S, Bobbie C, Betsy S,  Carolyn B, Peggy T,  Rosie E
Back Row, right to left (Hebrew style):  Paul K (tour host), Ben B, Steve G, Gretchen G, Susan R, Rob C, Wayne L, Will B, Mark B,  Kelly R, Stephanie H, Blair M, Randee M, Jeff E
Back Row:  Tom and Tom's buddy

2014 Equipping/prep time and trip details

02-02-14 Jennifer P discusses the upcoming trip - Click for Audio.    Click for PowerPoint Slides

02-09-14 Paul K discusses "Israel 101" - Click For Audio  E-mail Tom to request the Powerpoint Slides

02-16-14 Jennifer P discusses the upcoming trip - Audio

"Experience Israel" Tour 2013

On April 1-12, 2013, an “Experience Israel” Tour traveled to Israel.   We had a fantastic experience.  Please ask Doug and Courtney L, Jerry and Patty R, Nyeleti H, Jennifer P, or Tom B about the trip!  

Reflections from our 2013 Tour


"Don’t you care if we drown?" These are the panicked words the disciples hurl at Jesus when they wake him during the storm on the Sea of Galilee (Mark 4:38 NIV). Their accusation contains two premises: that Jesus is unaware of their dire circumstances and that they are going to drown.

Many of the disciples were very familiar with the Sea, a six mile by eight mile fresh water lake. Peter, Andrew, James and John had made their living fishing on the Sea, and Philip was also from nearby Bethsaida. In Matthew’s account of the storm, we learn the disciples had just left Capernaum, where Jesus had healed scores of people, including Peter’s mother-in-law (Matthew 8:1-27).

Yet, in such a familiar setting and having just experienced Jesus’ miraculous healing power, when the disciples find themselves in a crisis, they panic and presume the worst – Jesus doesn’t care and they’re going to die.

Maybe you can relate; I know I can. We’ve seen the transforming grace of Jesus at work in our lives and in the lives of those we love, but when we’re faced with very real dangers of pain, loss, suffering or confusion, our trust in Jesus, in His goodness and His power, wavers.

On a recent trip to Israel, sitting on a boat on the Sea of Galilee while Tom Barila taught our group from this passage, I experienced a fresh sense of the disciples’ fear. The wind suddenly began to blow and the formerly glassy surface of the Sea began to churn. Our boat’s captain told us he’d recently been called out at 2:00 a.m. to rescue the boat from the dock, where ten foot waves were threatening to dash it to pieces. The dangers of the Sea are very real, just as the dangers we face are very real.

Jesus has the power to calm any storm. The questions He asks the disciples are the same ones we have to answer: "Why are you still afraid? Do you still have no faith?" (Mark 4:39-40 NIV) Our task is to discern what it looks like to have faith in the midst of our next crisis.

Jennifer Parham