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Relationships in Peace

Applying Biblical peacemaking principles to transform and strengthen personal relationships through teaching, coaching, and providing reconciliation services.

Why was Relationships in Peace created by the Care Committee of Third’s Session?

✤    Because of the gospel. Unless God had chosen to make peace with us through the blood of his Son, there would be no peace with others. The presence of Relationships in Peace helps our church live out that
amazing truth, constantly pointing others to the hope of the gospel. 

✤    Because there are always relational issues present in the church, and people need help with them. Ever since the earliest days of the church, disagreements have been a constant. As Paul points out in Philippians
4:2-3, even the godliest people can find themselves involved in disagreements that they need help to work through. Paul didn’t tell his friends to just work it out; he asked another dear friend in the church to help them work it out. Relationships in Peace will do the same–help our brothers and sisters when they need help. 

✤    Because people LEAK. Isn’t teaching peacemaking enough?  It doesn’t take long for that knowledge to leak out and fade away. We forget what we’ve heard; and new members come who haven’t heard it at all. Relationships in Peace will provide ongoing teaching about biblical peacemaking in relationships. 

✤    Because God seeks to transform lives. Relational peacemaking isn’t just about knowing a bunch of tools and skills; it’s a transformed way of life–people truly living out the gospel in their daily relationships. The wider role of Relationships in Peace is to help people be transformed by the reconciling power of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. 

✤    Because God calls his children to serve their leaders and to advance their vision to build his church. Isn’t attending to members’ relationships the pastors’ job? Every member of the body must play a role in order for the church to grow and be fully effective in ministry. 

How can we specifically help you and your relationships?

1) Attend training seminars and classes we offer. Learn to become a Peacemaker.  We offer Biblical
Peacemaking classes twice a year, as well as more advanced training to keep you constantly learning.

2) Ask a Peace Coach for help. Ever wish for someone who would walk with you through a difficult relationship, providing a listening ear, prayer support, wisdom from the Word, and practical helps? Peace Coaches are here to help you when you need it.  

3) Consider Reconciliation Services. When you’ve reached an impasse trying to resolve an issue with a brother or sister in Christ, contact us for assistance.  

For more information, contact:
or call Margie Satterfield (804) 819-0260