Ministries and Mission and Partners

Mosaic Ministry

Mosaic Ministry was created to support families with children who have special needs. We provide a range of activities and services, listed below. Monthly email newsletters are sent out giving information on upcoming events, community information and special interest stories. To receive these newsletters, e-mail Kathy White, Associate Director of Family Ministry, or call 282-4645 x 128.


The Mosaic Scholarship Fund exists to help parishioners with scholarship to summer camps for kids with speical needs, or to conferences, worshops, and continuing education classes involving issues around disablilities.  The money is a available for 1) professionals 2) parents or caregivers and 3) children with disabilities. 


The Mosaic Leadship Team desires to bless our Mosaic families, as well as provide opportunities for educational and/or spiritual growth.  Once or twice a year we provide a luncheon after church for Mosaic families that includes sharing time for the adults while the children create a craft.  Parents Nights Out are held periodically and an annual Pool Party happens each June.  Speaking events occur once or twice a year.  Please join our email group to be notified of all Mosaic events. 


We have a large collection of books for parents of children with special needs.  They are located on the bookcase in the Parlor and can be checked out.  Occasionally, Mosaic brings in experts for speaking events who have knowledge of the education system and other services offered for children with special needs in Virginia.


Buddies are volunteer students trained by Mosaic to attend Sunday School classes with children with special needs. They will shadow chidren with special needs and assist them as needed in order to help them participate as fully as possible in classroom activities. Buddies are intended to give children with special needs a positive and fun church experience. We are looking for more volunteers to be Buddies. E-mail Kathy White, Associate Director of Family Ministry, or call 282-4645 x 128.

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