Metamorphosis Fellowship

500 Forest Ave, Room 109
Facilitator: Mary Damon

We are a community seeking the God's Kingdom gifts of connection, love, joy, freedom and hope on earth while exploring together the spirituality of brokenness in ourselves and the world and how God speaks healing and wholeness into our lives through a safe, authentic Christian community. We are primarily a book discussion group coming together on Sunday mornings to discuss suggested selections we have read on our own during the week.  Reading selections are chosen to enhance our tools for living out a relationship with Jesus in a real and challenging world with our very real attachments, hurts and addictions.  We would love for you to join us in this rich, deep encounter.  Come give our community a try!  

Now in our 7th year of exploring together how God speaks healing and recovery into our lives through a safe, authentic Christian community, we are pleased to currently be discussing Unlocking Your Family Pattern: Finding Freedom from a Hurtful Past (Cloud, Townsend, Carder, and Henslin.

Principles of our group:

•    Confidentiality
•    Authenticity and safety to be heard
•    No advice giving
•    Searching for Biblical answers
•    Practicing living out our learning
•    Community
•    Confessional
•    Participation
•    Weekly helpful reading assignments

In sum, our study offers a a safe, authentic community and a biblical approach to discerning how God speaks healing into our lives.  

500 Forest Ave. Room 109 (Multi-Purpose Room)

 Resources/What we've studied in the past

Forgiving and Reconciling – Bridges to wholeness and Hope by Everett Worthington.

A Hunger for Healing, Keith Miller

Breathing Underwater, Richard Rohr

Boundaries, Cloud & Townsend

Life's Healing Choices, John Baker

Overcomers Handbook; A Practical Guide to Victory in  Christ

The 12 Steps for Christians

The 12 Steps; A Spiritual Journey (workbook)

The Courage to Change, Bill Pittman and Dick B

The Healing Path, Dan Allender