Men's Mentoring and Discipling

Mentoring* & Discipling: Eagle Riders Invitation (Isaiah 40:31)

 Who were your teachers?  Who were the people that impacted your life?  The ones that helped you grow in Christ, learn your trade, set an example of how to be a husband, a father, a man?  Who were (are) your mentors? 

 At Third, we are seeking to build an on-going culture where men are sharpening other men in a discipleship or mentoring relationship. 

Can you name your "Paul", your "Barnabas", your "Timothy"?  

  • Paul.   "You need an older man who is willing to build into your life.  Please note: not someone who’s smarter than you are, not necessarily someone who’s more gifted than you are, and certainly, not someone who has life all together,.  That person does not exist.  You need somebody who’s been down the road.  Somebody who’s willing to share with you not only his strengths, but his weaknesses.  Somebody who’s willing to share his successes and his failures-in other words, what he’s learning in the laboratory of life.”
  • Barnabas.  “That is, you need a soul brother, somebody who loves you but is not impressed by you.  Somebody who is not taken in by your charm and popularity and to whom you can be accountable.”
  • Timothy.  “You need a younger man into whose life you are building.  If you want a model, look at 1 and 2 Timothy.  Here was Paul, the quintessential mentor, building into the life of his protégé. Notice the issues he addressed.  He spoke of the need for somebody who can affirm and encourage you, for somebody who will teach you and pray for you, for somebody who will correct and direct you.  That’s the kind of person young people are looking for.”

Will you become a mentor to a younger man?  There are many men who would benefit from your experiences, your wisdom, and your friendship.

What is the Need?

  •  We are looking for “older” (translated, “experienced”) men to mentor younger men and assist them as they encounter stages of life and issues which they have not navigated, especially in understanding how a Christian man lives and responds to these life stages and issues (ex. ethical dilemmas; family v. career; keeping possessions v. giving; temptations; finding direction as a new graduate).
  •  Meet one-on-one twice a month for coffee or a meal, for at least 6 months
  • Share a word of Scripture
  • Honest discussion focused on how the mentee is doing spiritually and in life spheres (home, work, world)
  •  Encouragement
  •  Pray for him (hopefully, with him)

What is the "difference" between mentoring and discipling?

  • Mentoring and discipling are not necessarily the same.
  •  Discipling is quite literally “making a disciple” of Jesus.  It includes teaching the basics of Christian faith and practice; cornerstone disciplines such as how to study Scripture, how to pray, how to witness, the importance of living in fellowship.  It also includes life-on-life relationship and modeling of how to live as a Christian.
  •  Mentoring may include “discipling”; it may be part of the process.  It is “life-on-life” relationship in which an older, or more experienced, man serves as an advisor, resource, or guide.  If the “mentee” is young in faith, then teaching basics of making him a disciple may be needed.  If the mentee knows basics, then a mentor serves as a guide to the mentee’s growth, both spiritually and in basic living.
  • In either case, the center of the relationship is Jesus Christ.  The purpose of the relationship is to help both parties live as disciples of Jesus.

The Men's Ministry team offers on-going support to train mentors or disciplers and to match up a "Paul" with a "Timothy."

By the way, can you name your Paul, Barnabas, and Timothy?*

Peace,  Kenney GPercy S, and Tom B

* 7 Promises of a Promise Keeper, Howard Hendrick’s "A Mandate For Mentoring", pages 53-54.

Stories from the field....

Above is a picture of me with my mentor, Percy (CEO of CHAT). Percy has been meeting with me on a regular basis since 2006. This type of one-on-one relationship and investment is at the core of CHAT, and it is beautiful to witness this model of ministry being replicated year after year. Much of the growth that was mentioned above is due to people like Percy spending time with individuals and loving them as Christ does. It is our prayer that this will continue and increase so that more love, joy, and peace will come to our city.