Men's Leadership Team

Our Men's servant leadership team:

  • Tom Barila
  • Keith Byers
  • Andy Burgess
  • David Campbell
  • Justin Earley
  • Greg Ellen
  • Lee Sauvain
  • John Ireland
  • Alan Reed
  • Cort Rosbro
  • Buck Rosenberger
  • Bob Tatti
  • Charles Teixeira

How We are Organized:

Staff support/leader: Tom Barila

Communications coordinator.  Includes web page, bulk e-mails,  social media, phone calls, and Third Press.

  • Team Lead: We need a lead! 
  • Others: Tom Barila and Bob Tatti

Discipleship learning and equipping (special training, seminars, Men's dinner and breakfast, etc)*

Family Ministry liaison.  Serve in an ad-hoc capacity to the Marriage and Parenting Teams. (These are two separate ministries at Third chaired by other lay members.)   Include liaison to offer some focused TPC-wide outings where dads do something with their sons and/or daughters.

Men's Retreat and special events

Mentoring (and cross-generational relationships)

  • Team Lead: To be announced
  • Others: Andy Burgess, Kenney Grigg, Tom Barila, Percy Strickland,  and Art Wood

Prayer and prayer needs

Resources Coordinator/shepherd.  Help update our recommended reading list of books, articles, web links or sites, DVDs, etc.

  • Team Lead: 
  • Others:  to be announced

Service and Outreach.  Help restore "stuff" that is broken; share and show with others how Jesus can fix everything 

  • Team Lead: to be announced

Small group coordination and development

  • Team Lead:  TBD
  • Others: Tom Barila

Special needs/men in crisis

Sport’s Ministry Fellowship/leagues

Other team members not listed above:

  • David Campbell