Men's Basketball


2015: #1 Regular Season; #2 in Playoffs!

2013-2014 News

We are fielding 3 teams in the Henrico Co league.

Team Charlie: Made it to "elite 8"

Team Greg Ellen: Made it to "the final 4"

Team Barila: Finished 2nd in the league and won the league playoffs championship game.

Here's the team photo after the game!

Left to Right: Eric Pangraze, Rhett Tate, Ben Behrendt, Tom Barila, Owen Tomlinson, Peyton Johann, and Chad Taylor. (Not in the picture, but on the team and unable to play: Mike Armstrong, Dave Pangraze, and James Johnson.)

2012-2013 Playoffs

Team Charlie: Made it to "elite 8"

Team Greg Ellen: Made it to "elite 8"

Team Barila: Made it to "elite 8"

2012 News

Congratulations to our teams who advanced to the semi-finals in their respective leagues.

2011 News

Congratulations to Team A, which was #1 seed in the Henrico County Open League.  The team made it to the championship game, losing to a very good team.

Congratulations to Team C (Blue too).  Tom's team won the regular season in the Henrico Co. Church league with a 14-2 record.  Did well in post-season tournament losing in the Elite 8 to a very good "A" league church team.

Congratulations to Team C (Blue).  Charlie's team finished the regular league with a 2 game winning streak.  Charlie's team was always ready to play and gave teams a good run for their money!

2011 G.M. News

G.M. Barila released the following statement:  The TPC community is very proud of our 3 teams.  We've been involved with the Henrico Co league for over ten years.   I am very happy to announce that all of the coaches have received contract extensions.  Unfortunately, I cannot release the terms but all parties are very satisfied." 

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