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What good things might happen if you truly got to know the people in your neighborhood and they got to know you?
— Jay Pathak



February 2 - 3, 2018

Our annual retreat is a time of both fellowship and deep biblical teaching, taking place each winter.   

You may have hundreds of Facebook friends, but do you know the full name of your next-door neighbors? Examining the effects of our unprecedented mobility and our increasing isolationism, Jay Pathak, co-author of the book The Art of Neighboring, will help us make lasting personal connections by asking—and acting on—one question: What’s the most loving thing I can do for my neighbors?

Retreat Schedule:

Friday Evening, February 2: 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. in your Parish Areas
Join the men for an informal chili dinner in your respective Parish Area along with a message from Jay. Read more about Parish Areas at Third. You'll get notified where to meet for dinner once you register!       $10 for Friday only.

Saturday, February 3: at the Fellowship Hall at 600 Forest Avenue
7:45 - 8:15 AM - Optional Prayer Gathering
8:30 AM - 3:00 PM - Breakfast, lunch, and messages from Jay. $30 for Saturday only.

Cost: $40 for the full weekend; $10 for Friday or $30 for Saturday. (Scholarships available: contact Tom Barila)
NOTE: If you're registering for Friday or Saturday only, please choose option "pay at door" and enter the day you'll be joining us. When you arrive at door, please pay via cash or check.

Questions? Contact Bob Tatti or Tom Barila.

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Join a band of brothers who.....
connect men with one another in committed friendships
that enable them to follow Jesus more fully
at home, work, and neighborhood relationships.

Prior Retreats:

 Pat "goodie" goodman

Pat "goodie" goodman

Restoring Hearts — Catalyzing Friendships — Initiating and Engaging in Good Works
Guest Speaker: Pat Goodman

Do you wonder: Why do I keep responding that way? Where did that reaction come from? Why don’t I have at least one person in my life that I feel I can be completely honest with? How can I be a change agent within my spheres of influence? How can the skills, abilities and experiences of my life be leveraged to benefit others? If any of these questions has ever crossed your mind then you will find the retreat worth being a part of.  

As our lives progress things tend to get more complicated.  As family dynamics change, career paths develop, relationships come and go, and the worries of this life mount we can end up in places we never imagined. So staying tethered to a few life giving realities is paramount to living well. Understanding the role that our “Hearts” play in life, the power of “Friendships” in helping us grow, and the necessity of “Engaging” our lives in efforts that make life better never changes.  During this retreat we will unpack these areas while hearing personal stories and working to make practical applications. 

Becoming & Being Christ's Men
Guest Speaker: Jerry Leachman

Back by popular demand: Jerry Leachman will be joining us. Jerry is an awesome speaker and former Young Life Area Director, former Chaplain for the Washington Redskins, and men's ministry leader all over the Washington Metropolitan Area. He teaches the largest men's Community Bible Study at McLean Bible Church, and regularly speaks throughout the US and overseas at U.S. military installations. 

We're excited to welcome Jerry back, as he's been a well-received speaker at three of our retreats since 1994. 

 Jerry Leachman and his family

Jerry Leachman and his family

2015 Men's Annual Retreat

Our theme: Redeeming Work: A New Vision for Monday to Friday
Our theme will be: “Redeeming Work: A New Vision for Monday to Friday”, and will present God’s plans and purposes for the work that we do.  It may challenge, encourage, change and/or enhance our understanding of how to approach our work and careers as followers of Jesus, and how to discover our true calling.  The retreat will include short films developed by Christianity Today and the speakers will be Rev. Corey Widmer, lead pastor at Third; Rev. Art Wood, a Presbyterian minister who has been working in the business world for many years; and Kenney Grigg, who spent 28 years in the marketplace before going to work for a Christian nonprofit.  We can assure you that the topics, presentations, and discussions will be VERY relevant to you at your stage of life, career, and as you progress into your future.

Our topics:  

  • What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? Why did God give us work to do?     Rediscover the created goodness of work.
  • But I Hate My Job.   As kids we may dream of exciting careers. As adults, we more often lament the beginning of the workweek. Confront the reality of work in a broken world. 
  • Redeeming Work.  When Christians succeed in the marketplace, everyone prospers as a result. Understand the role work plays in God's larger story of redemption.
  • Calling or Career?  What if I don't feel "called" to my job? Expand our view of calling beyond occupation to vocation.
  • The Powers That Be.   Every workplace distributes and limits power. God can use us both when we are "powerful" and when we feel "powerless."
  • The God We Serve.     Too often we reduce our identity to our work. But our identity is in Christ, and the meaning of our work flows from that relationship.


2014 Men's Annual Retreat

Our speaker: Rev. Richard Haney

Our theme: Pilgrim's Progress: The Journeys of a Man's Life

  1. Discipleship:  Our journey with Jesus
  2. Priorities:  Our journey in the world
  3. Relationships:  Our journey with others