Val Kling


Class of 2016

Where do you see God moving in Third?

After enduring a season of challenging trials, Third is now in a time of needed rest and restoration, as well as a time of leaders discerning God's call for fresh expressions of ministry.  Her people are awakening to new possibilities for deepening community, daily missional living, and Kingdom service both locally and abroad.  God is reminding us of a freedom to be proactive instead of reactive, and Third is responding to Him with quiet gladness and growing motivation to spur one another towards love and good works.  We have great expectations for a pastor of God's choosing for the next era at Third.

What are your spiritual gifts?

Teaching, leadership, and wisdom are gifts from the Holy Spirit, but more often I sense compassion at play.

Tell us about your hobbies and family

Married thirty-one years to Fritz, I have three grown children, and counting: Stefan, married to Lara; Rachel, married to JohnMark Ludwick; and Evie.  Our family has a lot of fun together, and we all love the Lord.  A watercolorist and oil painter, I also enjoy reading, tennis, and cooking.  I'm always game for gathering around a table to chat or going for a walk to talk and pray.  (Call!)

If you were a Superhero, which one would you be, and why?

Is Mary Poppins a Superhero?  I would love to ride in on the wind, restore harmony in families, pull fun and goodness out of my bag, and be so cheerily helpful.  The British accent and snappy charm would be pretty cool, too.