Job Search Support

Unemployed? Under-employed?

We know this is a challenging time and we want to support and encourage you.

Please call Tom @ 282-4645 so that he can pray with you, walk you thru some steps and principles that have helped others, and point out some networking pathways.  He'll also alert the rest of the pastoral team for awareness and prayer. 


Career Prospectors offers a support and networking meeting every Tuesday at Three Chopt Presbyterian Church.  The group is led by Charlie Wood. Doors open at 7:30 am (networking); program begins at 8.   Click to e-mail Charlie.  He'll also assist you with Meet Up and LinkedIn social media tools.  

Job Assistance Ministry offers a networking meeting every Wednesday at St. Michael Catholic Church.  The group is led by Ed Landry.  Doors open at 11:30 am (networking); program begins at 12.  JAM also offers additional job search services.

Needle's Eye Ministry offers a Career Transition Group during the week. (Needle's Eye is one of Third's Missions Partners.)  Check out their Career Transition Group! (Networking; small groups; job leads, etc.)

On Going

Crown Financial Ministries offers information on Searching for a New Job.

Dave Ramsey offers advice on the Do's and Don'ts of Job Searching

Pick up a copy of:

Professional guidance.  Consider TC member Bud Whitehouse with Career Management of Virginia.

Prayer/Encouragment. Let Tom know.