Guided Tour Of The Bible

A Guided Tour of the Bible

The Guided Tour is designed to help you get familiar with the Bible, making it easy to read any section of Scripture.  Our times of study together will help provide a framework and resources for understanding what you read.  Time is taken each meeting to address key questions you have as you read the Bible and our goal is that you leave the study with a good familiarity with each section of the Bible. 

Guided Tour is framed in 5 week studies of one section of the Bible comprised of 10 studies in all, five for the Old Testament and five for the New.  You can take any class in any order but our hope is that at some point you will take them all.  The only homework required is to read a short assigned section of the Bible each day, noting your questions and observations. 

* The 10 Guided Tour classes are:

  • Old Testament: Pentateuch, Historical Books, Poets, Prophets (before Israel's exile), Prophets (after Israel's exile and return)
  • New Testament:  Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, Letters of Paul, Non-Pauline Letters, Revelation of John

Please e-mail or call Sterling Lloyd in the church office (282-4645 X 115) to let her know you’d like to attend so she can be sure to have all the materials ready for your use in time for the class.  Calling Sterling is important, even if you are calling the day before!