Where is God in the business and busyness of life?   

Room 217
Led by: Luke Swygard and Rich Crawford
Fellowship Coordinators: Greg and Denise Ellen
Hosted by: Fusion Fellowship

How do we fuse our faith with our actions?  Where do we meet with God, and where does God meet with us in the day-to-day?  Each week we will look at a "real life" topic and in a conversational setting, we will examine what the Bible reveals to us about how we engage with the life Christ calls us to live.  

Current Topics:

  • Going through the motions – discovering Christ when life is mundane
  • Surviving/thriving – when is it enough to just “hang in there” instead of pressing through – what does the Bible say?
  • Facing your problems head on – Avoidance v. Responsibility – the danger of procrastination in our faith
  • Jealousy, Envy, and the Joneses – yes, I am guilty too
  • What to do when you mess up? – facing God, family, friends, and community when you “sin big”
  • Desiring the praise of men over the presence of God – discovering what really matters
  • Earning the favor of God – can we and should we?  If so how?
  • Having patience when the end is nowhere in sight – contentment, trust and peace in a time of enduring challenge
  • Identifying our identity – an inward look at who we say we are, who we say we want to be, and who we really are in Christ
  • Intentional living – seeking out the will of God compared to a life of going through the motions
  • Anxiety v Gratitude-the war is waged – In a world filled with anxiety how do we fight back with our faith?
  • Finding strength when you have nothing left – tapping in to God’s power when I have nothing left in the tank?
  • Money, riches, and wealth - it's power to deceive and it’s purpose in life
  • Image, vanity, and contentment (a war within)
  • Hidden sin - a cancer that destroys
  • The rat race, contentment, and our dreams for the future -
  • Encouragement - a gift of life
  • Purpose - Finding my relevance in a world that seems to run just fine without me
  • Intimacy and vulnerability – discovering true joy in being truly known and accepted

Location: 600 Forest Ave. Room 217