Upcoming Events: 

March 4.  Trip to Big Bend Farm on the Cowpasture  River.     RSVP with David Skove.

Early to mid April, exact date TBD.     Shad fishing on the Rappahanock River in Fredericksburg at the Old Mill Park.  This is a city park with ample parking, picnic tables, bathrooms, etc.  This will be public water with no rod fee.  When the shad are in, it can be non-stop action - and these fish are a blast to catch on a fly rod.  There is a reason some people refer to shad as a smaller fresh water tarpon!   It is not uncommon for people to pick up a smallmouth bass or two as well.  We can't set a date now for this day trip, as it will depend on the timing of the shad spawning runs - we will call an audible on the date toward the end of March.  

May 6.  Third's F3 group (Fly Fishing Fellowship).  At Duck Down Inn.    10 am - 3 pm.  International renowned Harry Robertson providing a casting demonstration and lesson.

Saturday, September 30.  This is "opening" day for the fall fishing season at Escatawba, and by that date the fish will not have seen a fly or a fly fisherman for four months.   Wrap you brain around that - not a fly for four long months.  Incredibly well managed section of Dunlap Creek amidst spectacular scenery.  Should be a killer day that you absolutely do not want to miss.   The rod fee is $125.   

F3 Activities - What We Do:

1.    Organized gatherings.

 2.    Quarterly fly fishing trips/outings.

 3.    Casting lessons –   workshops taught by the fellows.

4.   Fly tying lessons and fly selection. 

What is F3? 

F3 stands for Fly Fishing Fellowship. We created this Christ-centered group to:  experience and share God’s love while in His creation, form life-changing relationships through Christian fellowship, build esprit de corps through gatherings, fishing trips and special events, and proactively reach out to engage others. 

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Want to learn more? Contact:  Craig or Tom for more info!